Vela Shape Treatments

Vela Shape is a medical equipment that has proven effective in slimming, smoothing the skin and reducing body circumferences.

The powerful radio frequency in combination with the infrared light of Vela Shape lead to extreme activation of adipose cells metabolism and subsequently to their elimination. The vacuum it is created contributes to the treatment of a specific skin areas and deeper penetration of bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light. Decomposed fats are removed from the body through the lymph and blood flow, and the result is visible after the first procedure – the skin becomes extremely smooth, supple, without bumps and cellulite. After 8 procedures a visible reduction of circumferences by 4 to 8 cm, and of the tights of about two centimeters may be registered.
This procedure is highly specialized and is performed by certified and trained kineziotherapists, who asses the appropriate indication and contraindications.