Back and whole body classic (Swedish) massage

Swedish massages aims to relax the body, improve circulation, relieve muscle pain, reduce stress and increase flexibility. The techniques of this most popular massage are established and described by the Swedish scientist Dr. Pehr Henrik Ling in the second half of the 19th century. It is exactly his nationality that gave the name of the Swedish massage.  

In classical massage deeper pressure is applied to increase blood oxygenation and release metabolic waste such as lactic and uric acid from muscle tissues.

The massage not only relieves physical but also the emotional stress.


Shoulder massage 
Covers part of the back /lower part of shoulder blade/, shoulders, armpits, neck and back of the scalp. It influences pain relieve and relaxation or toning and refreshment through neural and reflex pathway.


Sports massage 
The sports massage relates to the requirements of people actively doing sports and professional athletes. It is an important part of sports training process and is directly related to sports results and good physical condition of athletes. It uses main and auxiliary techniques, but modified in such a way as to meet the specific objectives of the type of the sports massage and the specificity of the sport practiced.


Detoxifying honey massage
Honey massage is an ancient Tibetan method. The combination of therapeutic properties of honey and treatment through special techniques leads to increased lymph and blood circulation and warming of treated areas of the body.
The honey massages accelerates the saturation of cells with oxygen, which in its turn results in the release of accumulated slag, toxins and burning of adipose cells. The Detoxifying honey massage cleanses the skin intensively like a peeling. Using special techniques, the surface layer of the skin is scrubbed, pores are opened and the honey penetrates deep into the tissue, affecting the whole organism with its unique biological composition.

Honey massage is an appropriate choice in accumulated fatigue, stress, problems with the spine, respiratory system and it is a constant companion to fight obesity and cellulite.

Last but not least, the skin acquires real velvet softness.


Anti-cellulite massage
Eliminates the subcutaneous layer of fat accumulated in the form of orange cellulite. The method has enhanced cosmetic effect. It is performed by means of special techniques and essential oils.


Anti-stress massage
Anti-stress massage consists of therapeutic relaxation techniques. It can be likened to a ritual proceeding in the sound of relaxing music. The anti-stress massage is aimed at neutralization of stress, enhancing immune system and normalizing metabolic processes in the body. It removes energy blockages in the body, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate waste products.

It is recommended for neurosis, stress, headache, cardiovascular problems, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc.