Hands Care

Hands are one of the finest places in the human body. There is no accumulation of fat and when their skin is dehydrated unpleasant and painful drying and cracking occurs. Many professionals have defined hands as an indicator of the age, lifestyle and health caring. One thing is certain – the road to perfect vision necessarily passes through hand caring.

SKIN CHOICE offers several options for hand care:

Classic manicure

OPI nail polish

Classic manicure with OPI nail polish, French manicure with OPI nail polish

Classic French manicure with OPI nail polish

Express manicure/shaping of nails and OPI nail polishing

Classic men’s manicure

Manicure with gel nail polish

Gel nail polish

French gel nail polishing

Manicure with strengthening gel

Strengthening gel

Manicure with strengthening gel and gel nail polish


Decoration – 1 finger

Removal of gel nail polish

Removal of artificial nails

SPA manicure

Paraffin therapy for hands

OPI hand therapy /peeling, mask, oil and cream/

DELUX therapy manicure

Exfoliation of hands

Hand mask

Hand massage