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Oxygen Therapy 
Oxygen therapy is a new concept for overall skin care, which is widely used and has a high safety profile. It stimulates the natural regeneration through delivering of extremely pure oxygen deep into the dermis. The procedure includes: oxygen lymphatic drainage, oxygen peeling and oxygen saturation. It may be included to any of the treatments to enhance its effect.


Natura Bissé Treatments

The Cure Collection – A revolutionary collection that turns skin cleansing into a luxurious ritual;

NB Ceutical Collection – Medical and cosmetic treatment for sensitive skin, created with 30 hypoallergenic ingredients, paraben-free.

Diamond Whitening System – A universal system for prevention and removal of pigmentation;

C+ C Vitamin Line – An incredible collection promoting skin regeneration. It has protective, antioxidant, firming and moisturizing properties;

Essential Shock Intense Line- A revitalizing line for mature skin with isoflavones.


Filorga Treatments

Cryo-cellular Regenerating Treatment – Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, eliminates free radicals and causes powerful hydration;

Intensive Anti-wrinkle Treatment – Improves elasticity and radiance, deeply moisturizes the skin and smooths down fine lines;

New Skin Treatment for radiance and even tan – Suitable for smokers, in rough and tired skin, in spots after acne;

Powerful Moisturizing Treatment – Saturates skin with oxygen and smooths wrinkles from the inside out;

Dark Circles and Bags under the Eyes Treatment – A therapy causing lymphatic drainage and improving blood circulation.



Medik 8 Treatments

Aging Defying Facial – Rejuvenating treatment for all skin types;

Redness Calming Facial – Therapy for sensitive skin and skin prone to reddening;

Pore Refining Facial – Deep cleansing facial treatment with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action;

Deep Hydration Facial – Intense moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment;

Indulgent Eye Ritual – Exclusive rejuvenating treatment for the eye contour;

Eternal youth – Therapy with undifferentiated cells of plant origin;

Power hyaluronic – Therapy for eye contour and eyelashes with hyaluronic acid.



Wish Pro Treatments

WishPro system combines the effect of four proven technologies with innovative formulas in the capsules, implanting them into the skin thus achieving immediate results. It is performed in the following versions:

One-capsule treatment;

Two-capsule treatment;

One-capsule treatment added after a facial.