About us

SKIN CHOICE is a beauty center created by the symbiosis between the aspiration for beauty in all its forms, the boundless possibilities of high technologies and the positive attitude towards every person.

SKIN CHOICE offers a wide range of procedures, implemented through unique equipment for the area and the work of highly qualified professional team. The center has won the trust of its customers with uncompromised safety and quality in every detail of the work. The combination between the expertise of the team and the active communication with customers lead to finding the most effective solution to every wish and every problem. Visits of guest-specialists with proven reputation in Bulgaria and abroad broaden the horizons offered by the beauty center.

Along with the above, in a unique way, SKIN CHOICE provides its customers with a comfortable atmosphere, feeling of coziness and harmony, friendly individual approach.
SKIN CHOICE is located in the downtown of Varna and with its location it is suitable for modern and dynamic people, who prioritize their health and perfect vision.



Highly qualified
Young, but experienced enough
knowing approved cosmetic practices
Keeping abreast with the latest trends in the rapidly evolving world of cosmetics and aesthetics
Ready to respond to every whim of their customers

They are the team of SKIN CHOICE beauty center

Denitsa Dimitrova – owner and manager
My name is Denitsa Dimitrova and more than 15 years of my personal and professional experience is associated with the infinite field of beauty and health.
In 2005 I was conferred a Master’s degree in kinesiotherapy at Angel Kanchev University of Ruse. It was during these years when I realized that the area I wanted to develop requires not only many knowledge and skills but also a continuous monitoring of the pulse of a dynamic and very interesting world.
Purposefully I continued my professional growth and in 2014 I graduated from the Medical College of Varna, majoring Medical Cosmetologist. Along with my studies I practiced my profession, getting to know more and more the wishes and needs of customers and the opportunities provided by new technologies. 
Since 2014 I am a professor in medical cosmetics at the Medical College to the Medical University of Varna. 
I regularly attend training and seminars related to innovative technologies in the beauty industry, facials and body treatments.
In 2016 I decided to put my professional experience, dedication to the field I am developing in, and my great desire to work in SKIN CHOICE Beauty Center. I believe that this endeavor will involve a lot of satisfaction for me personally and for my colleagues, but moreover – it will contributed to pleasant experiences and happy moments for the customers of SKIN CHOICE.

Linda Vancova – Cosmetics
am Linda. I have many years of experience in the field of cosmetics. After more than 10 tears of career I am able to recognize every skin type and the respective needs of the customer. However, in addition to my experience, I rely on all the advantages provided by new technologies and modern equipment. Last but not least, attention and attitude to each of our customers are of utmost importance to me. The best feeling in my job is when a customer leaves satisfied and visits us again.


Yana Kolarova – manicure/pedicure
My name is Yana and I am a manicurist Pedicurist Nail Technician. I love painting, I enjoy working with people and follow fashion trends to always be abreast of the time with new and interesting things in my field. I work with passion and pleasure. When the customer is happy with the end result I feel satisfaction with what I have done for him/her.



Aleksandra Ivanova – reception desk
My name is Aleksandra and I am 26 years old. I work as a receptionist in SKIN CHOICE Beauty Center. I love meeting new people and dealing with organizational activities. What matters to me is our customers to be welcomed with smile and warm attitude so I welcome you in this way as soon as you cross the threshold of SKIN CHOICE.



Soprano Ice
Soprano ICE is the latest Alexandrite laser of Alma Lasers family. It removed unwanted hair painlessly and permanently through the so called COLD laser hair removal. See its categorical advantages making it unique in the field of laser hair removal:
Procedures are painless and have a long lasting effect
Completely safe hair removal – without the risk of skin burns on any part of the body, even the most sensitive areas
The technology gives results in every skin colour, including tanned skin
It has the highest percentage of coverage not allowing untreated areas
This hair removal is applicable 365 days a year, even during the summer months
Alma Soprano ICE is named BEST HAIR REMOVAL PLATFORM IN 2015”, and the company Alma Lasers – Israel is a global leader in the development and production of various laser technologies aimed at medical and aesthetic dermatology. Alma Laser holds more than 65 certificates registered in FDA.
SKIN CHOICE is the only center in Varna and Northeastern Bulgaria offering laser hair removal with Alma Lasers Soprano ICE technology.

Wish Pro
Wishpro is a professional device called the Israeli Miracle that combines 4 innovative treatments + implantation of propriety serums for:
Skin rejuvenation
Firming and lifting
Acne treatment
Micro abrasion
Skin lightening and renewal
WISHPro® uses the so called M.I.T technology (Magnetic Infusion Technology for purification, reactivation and “implantation of active ingredients).
depending on the type and age of the skin various capsules are infused such as: collagen serum, hyaluronate and vitamin complex, Botox like, regenerating and soothing complex, combined anti-age and anti-bacterial ingredients. 
The difference in skin condition is visible immediately after the procedure. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and skin feels firmer, acquire healthy appearance and youthful glow.

Hydrox Peel
Hydrox peel /oxygen peeling / offers a completely new concept in skin care with wide range of application and high safety profile. The oxygen that is used has a purity of 90-95% and acts as moisturizes and clarifies the skin. Its application is to stimulate the natural regeneration by delivering extremely pure oxygen deep into the dermis. Hydrox peel therapy is painless and does not lead to the development of erythema and bleeding. Hydrox peel may significantly improve the condition of the aged, finely wrinkles skin as well as to limit the spread of bacteria in problematic skin, visibly improving blood circulation and strengthening the tissues. 
Hydrox peel therapy leaves a feeling of purity, freshness and comfort.

Cryolift Filorga
The Cryolift device of Laboratories FILORGA offers an innovative and unique technology to immediately cool the skin to optimum temperature for treatment (-18Cº). The Cryolift device has virtually no drawbacks – it creates a pleasant feeling of coolness, and through gentle and caressing movements infuses gel with active ingredients that reach the deeper levels of the skin. The abrupt drop in temperature causes a powerful contraction and expansion of the cells, thus achieving oxygenation of tissues and activation of metabolism. The effect of treatment is visible after the first procedure, and the indications for which it can be used range from the first signs of discomfort with the skin condition to seriously damaged mature skin. 
The procedures are suitable for any age and in any season as they can benefit even pregnant women and young mothers.

Alma Beauty Reboost

Alma Beauty Reboost uses powerful acoustic oscillations to increase the effectiveness of the overall treatment – cleansing and exfoliation, application and infusion of therapeutic dermatological ingredients.

Reboost emits acoustic waves and creates mechanical pressure on the skin. This creates pushing and drawing, through which skin is exfoliated by removing dead skin cells and excess sebum.

Multiple clinical studies and extensive laboratory tests demonstrate the ability of the Reboost technology to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin barrier and prove the positive changes, occurring in the skin after each therapeutic session.

Treatment with Reboost is easy to apply and safe for all skin types and can be applied all year round. Patients does not experience discomfort and enjoy immediate results.


Vela Shape
Vela Shape is a medical equipment that has proven effectiveness in slimming, smoothing of skin and reducing circumference of the body.
The powerful radio frequency in combination with infrared light of Vela Shape lead to extreme activation of metabolism of adipose tissues and subsequently to their burn. The vacuum that it creates contributes to the treatment of a specific skin area and deeper penetration of bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light. Decomposed fats are removed from the body through lymph and blood flow, and the result is visible after the very first procedure – skin becomes extremely smooth, supple and without bumps and cellulite. After 8 procedure you register visible reduction of circumference by 4-8 cm, and of the tights by about 2 cm.
the procedure is highly specialized and is performed by certified and trained kineziotherapists, who asses the appropriate indications and contradictions.

Diamond Microdermabrasion is a procedure to exfoliate the top layer of the skin and sucking the particles together with dirt and dead skin. This procedure serves to remove defects and blemishes such as wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scars. Microdermabrasion is becoming increasingly popular way to rejuvenate the skin and reduction of stretch marks. 
The microdermabrasion corrects the rough surface of the skin, some types of scars, uneven pigmentation and age spots. It can also remove or reduce the number of open and closed comedones, the type of stretch marks and the finest wrinkles. By removing the topmost layers, the microdermabrasion stimulates the formation of a new surface layer of the epidermis. The microdermabrasion can be applied to all types of skin with respect to oiliness, colour and age. It is advisable the procedures to be made during the autumn-winter period when treated areas will not be exposed to harmful UV rays.



SKIN CHOICE works with the most established brands in the world of cosmetics. Learn more about the products, used and offered to customers by the beauty center:

Mimi Luzon
a truly exclusive brand! World-class top models, show business stars, celebrities from all over the world – these are some of the people who trust the products and the unique ingredients developed by Mimi Luzon!

„I believe that everyone deserves perfect skin”, says Mimi Luzon. Thanks to years of experience related to continuous deployment and improvement of technological solutions and product innovations, today Mimi Luzon Clinic in Israel is a leading global brand. It is known with the fact that it develops procedures and therapies for skin rejuvenation which effects, until recently, have been unimaginable or available only after surgical intervention.

SKIN CHOICE is the only beauty center in Bulgaria which offers therapies and treatments with Mimi Luzon products.


Natura Bisse
Natura Bissé is a pioneer brand that offers the best and most effective skin care. One of the most luxurious brands offers a wide range of products divided into professional cosmetics for face and body and a range of home care. With its qualities and unique results of their products, the company is the undisputed world leader in beauty industry.
The brand offers series of the latest generation of skin care with comprehensive anti-age treatment and an exceptional lifting effect. A comprehensive anti-age collection that deals with hormonal deficiencies and offers exceptional results due to the isoflavones, included in the unique formula of the products has been developed. 
Natura Bissé Barcelona is one of the few cosmetic brands that beautifies the starts of the red carpet before the ceremonies before Oscar and Emmy Award ceremonies. Natura Bissé series are available only in the most reputable cosmetic centers in Bulgaria which have professionals trained to work with the brand.


Filorga develops high anti-age solutions, specifically designed to the needs of aesthetic medicine: injections with hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy procedures, medical peels. These techniques work together for achieving a comprehensive action against aging processes both in the surface of the skin and in its deep layers.

With its constant innovations over the years, the brand has become a global leader and an etalon for decisions against skin aging.

Мedik8 is a medical brand, expert in skincare and the winner of numerous awards. Medik8 creates high-quality products with the best active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations and proven benefits for the skin. The brand offers a range of products and professional treatments for face and body that solve specific skin problems.


a Spanish professional cosmetics, offering a wide range of solutions for the treatment of various skin problems of the face and skin. Skeyndor is known as Brand No 1 cosmetic products in Spain and is rated as one of the fifteen best brands in the whole world.<


Eco Spa
EcoSpa is a new generation cosmetic line, which creation was inspired by Bulgarian traditions combined with modern technological advancements of the 21 century
EcoSpa is a brand that has no analogue in the market. It uses natural resources and treasures of Bulgaria to combine them in relaxing and rejuvenating products and therapies. EcoSpa products contain extracts and medicinal and aromatic Bulgarian herbs. The brand uses only high-quality cold-pressed oils, without synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. All products have Eco Certificate and are with guaranteed quality and high content of active ingredients.


The brand, which has become the standard of quality, an example of creativity and innovation. 
The difference between OPI nail polish and other brands is corporeal as the most impressing is the combination between light texture and amazing coverage.



Bluesky Nail is the new world leader in the production of professional UV nail gel polishes. Durability and quality of the products are outstanding. Bluesky offers over 300 amazing colours. Bluesky nail gel polishes ensure perfect and shining manicure for more than 14 days. The hard and elastic layer of the nail gel polish protects nails from damage and breaking.